Pokemon: Generic Version
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Author's Comments:

Posted by MJM
January 16th, 2013, 1:56 pm

And so our heroes depart from Pallet Town. Some more insight on who Blue's father is, although it was pretty obvious from the get-go.

26 fans in less then a week seems pretty cool to me, so shout out to everyone that became a fan and commented here. I'd appreciate it even more if you guys helped spread the word, but don't feel pressured, your very presence is appreciated.

I remember someone asking about a cameo; unfortunately the story line is very strict and has little wiggle room when it comes to introducing more characters, one of the reasons is because of the utilization of a preconceived cast, in other words, people like Ash, Mrs. Ketchum, Gary Oak, etc.

This doesn't mean there won't be anymore unique characters, it's just that the unique characters are already created and have special roles. But don't count out cameos yet, I do have a specific time frame in mind that I would want cameos for, so look out for that.

That's pretty much it for now. As usual rate, comment, favorite, etc. Also check back Friday for the sixth installment of Pokemon Generic Version. It'll be worth your while.

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Reader's Comments:

Posted by Princess_Eevee9
January 16th, 2013, 8:08 pm

Page 5 and they're already out the door er village. Nice. :)

Posted by JoFro
January 16th, 2013, 10:14 pm

Woooo, onto the adventureee!

Posted by -The_Creator-
May 14th, 2013, 5:59 am

Mr. Mime has lived that long 0.0 dang